Community Involvement

Partnership Opportunities

You can help support existing programs, develop new initiatives, and sustain our partnership with the Melbourne Police Department for the future. Your contribution is tax deductible under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Join our many partnership opportunities to help keep Melbourne safe. To learn of ways to support our work on behalf of the MPD and join in our activities, please contact us.

Donation of Goods and Equipment

The Police Foundation accepts donations of new and used goods, services and equipment on the MPD’s behalf. The MPD will determine whether it would utilize the goods,services, and equipment.

If you would like to donate goods, services or equipment, please submit a letter or email to the Police Foundation describing them and indicating the value of the item(s). We request that any donation requests be of a value greater than $100.

  • The Police Foundation will coordinate with MPD to determine whether such goods, services or equipment is something the MPD wishes to utilize.
  • The Police Foundation will email you or send a letter to you to acknowledge the donation request or to arrange the delivery of such goods services or equipment.